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At the Hawthorn Healing Center, our mission is to help you to feel empowered with your healthcare. As an expert in natural family medicine, Dr. Elizabeth Taddiken is your guide throughout this journey.

While Dr. Taddiken is a licensed Naturopathic Physician, everything offered through Hawthorn Healing Center is considered education and consultation only. You are urged to ensure you have a Primary Care team available should you need the urgent assistance they may be able to provide.

Hello! I’m Dr. Elizabeth Taddiken. 

I’m a physician, mother, wife, daughter, and friend. I believe our bodies are innately wired to be healthy.  No matter what our DNA has written, the body will work towards an optimal state of health.  Homeostasis.

We CAN take back our health.  We ARE meant to be healthy. 

You CAN be the Healthiest Family on the Block, naturally!

I'm on a mission to help families achieve optimal health and empowerment without the use of pharmaceutical medicines, or very minimal use when needed.  Pharmaceuticals should be the last resort.  The body works in harmony with nature, and the ability to heal is innate.

My mission is heartfelt and I am passionate about it, because even though I work in Naturopathic Medicine and the Natural Health realm, it hasn’t always been this way for me. I was raised relatively healthy during childhood, and had a grasp on good nutrition from my parents. However, once I left home, I more or less rebelled against that healthy upbringing, such is the way! Thank goodness for the healthy foundations that were laid in childhood. Once, I recognized in my late 20's that I needed to get back on track, it wasn't too difficult to do so because my body had already been prepped in a way from a young age to remember what the picture of health was for me.

Over the years I developed a love of gardening, specifically growing medicinal plants, which later led to making my own internal and topical botanical remedies. I was given a wonderful opportunity to learn many natural health modalities from friends in Florence, Italy, including simply "Slow Living"!

After that time in Italy, I later learned about Naturopathic Medicine, and found our family physician, while searching for treatment of a debilitating condition. It was after my successful treatment, and the gentle care received from the Naturopathic doctors I worked with, that I knew this was the path for me.

Soon my daughters came along, and as you can guess, have only known Naturopathic Medicine and continue to thrive with such care. When the opportunity presented itself, I followed my dream of practicing Naturopathic Medicine as a licensed physician.

My approach is straightforward and understandable. I know what it’s like to have to jump through multiple hoops and feel like you're on a hamster wheel to no where with your health, diet, and lifestyle. I also know what it’s like to feel like you are trying everything, but still dealing with health problems for you and your family. It is my absolute pleasure to help families simplify the foundations to health, clean up obstacles, and repair "health holes", to get you on the optimal health path for good! 

I look forward to working with you and helping you feel empowered in your healthcare, and ultimately, Be the Healthiest Family on the Block!

Do You Have Queries? Please Go Through 'Frequently Asked Questions' First

Most questions can be addressed here, however, if you are still having difficulty finding an answer then please contact us.

Is this membership for me even if I don't have a family yet, or it's just me?

Yes! This membership is to help build healthy families, but we know that those come in many different packages! If you are interested in building a strong, naturally healthy, body, mind, and spirit, then you have come to the right place!

Is this right for me if I'm only starting out on a health journey?

Yes! The Hawthorn Healing Center Membership and Virtual space is primarily an education portal, with options for health consultations with Dr. Elizabeth. It is recommended that you have a primary care physician of some sort who you are working with as well in order to ensure your best health outcomes. Taking back your health means you will have all the tools at your disposal to make the best decisions for you and your family. That means you might need to visit your doctor at times, but often times we can handle many health concerns ourselves with the right tools at home. You will learn those in this membership, and still know when you need to visit the doctor. When you have strong foundations of health in place, seeing the doctor becomes much less common for many people.

Do I have access to all of the programs in this membership?

If you choose the annual membership, then you will have access to all the accompanying programs as well as any new programs that come with that. When you choose the basic membership, you will be able to purchase programs individually for the price they are listed.

Are there refunds available?

Refunds are not available for this membership, however, you will have the ability to pause your membership as needed. Get started again at any time when you are ready to continue achieving your optimal health goals. If you are having difficulty with navigating the membership even after going through the welcome details, please contact us to assist you.

Are there self-testing options available? And what is self-testing?

Yes! Hawthorn Healing Center and Dr. Elizabeth have a number of self-testing options that you can choose from. Find these on the member testing section.

The Self-Testing option is a number of labs that Dr. Elizabeth is connected with. These are great for helping to understand your biochemical health which is a determinant of your organ functions.

What are the supplement options available?

As a member of Hawthorn Healing Center, you are given the opportunity to purchase the highest quality professional supplement lines. These are available through Fullscript, Doctor Supplement Store, Cell Core, and other options as they are partnered with the Hawthorn Healing Center. All of these options will be available in the HHC Store.

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